Exhausts and Mufflers: OEM vs Aftermarket

OEM vs Aftermarket Exhausts Mufflers

A lot of people like to improve their cars after purchasing them. Upgrading a pickup truck with new shock absorbers or adding a different exhaust system are popular changes. The exhaust system that the original equipment manufacturer attaches to a vehicle is often focused on reducing environmental pollution. Government regulation requires that the exhaust of vehicles be filtered so it does not produce harmful chemicals excessively. Chemicals that really hurt the environment include carbon monoxide, ozone, and nitrogen oxides. These chemicals can cause humans to have trouble breathing and working safely. How the exhaust system of a vehicle is designed determines how many pollutants are released into the atmosphere. Magnaflow makes different types of exhaust systems to fit the needs of their customers. Continue reading “Exhausts and Mufflers: OEM vs Aftermarket”