Auto Seat Covers – Superior Comfort and Protection

You may not know this but one of the easiest things you can neglect about your car is the seats. It’s somehow ironical because you cannot drive the car or carry passengers without the seats. Most people usually direct their attention to other aspects of their cars such as the wheels and rims, the exterior paint, performance while forgetting the fundamental components of their cars’ interiors. The fact of the matter is that car seats also deserve some much needed care and attention if you really want to keep your car in top shape.

The best ways to keep your car seats clean, comfortable and in good condition is to invest in some quality auto seat covers. You should not wait until your car seats begin to wear out or get stained in order to get covers. Cover those seats up now and you will surely not regret. Here are some covers you can try out:

Standard/Universal Covers

The first options you can check out are the standard or universal covers. As their name suggests, these covers can be used for a wide range of car seats. It does not matter if your car has high-back or low-back bucket seats, these covers are ideal for just about any type of car seat out there. Standard or universal covers are very easy and convenient to clean and maintain. You can easily set up and remove them whenever you want. However, these covers may not be ideal for cars that have side-impact airbags.

Custom Covers

Another popular option is to go for custom covers. These are covers that are custom-made for your seats. Your car seats have to be measured and then a tailor can come up with custom fittings that match the specified size and shape of your seats. With custom covers, you get a high level of customization options from design of the seats to the patterns used and the comfort features of the covers as well. Custom covers fit perfectly into your car seats thus ensuring improved aesthetics and comfort.

Semi-Custom/Hybrid Covers

These are covers that come with both standard and custom features. With semi-custom/hybrid covers, you get set designs that have been pre-manufactured for customization by clients. The level of customization possible with these covers is lower than that offered by fully custom covers. They are still a good option for car owners who want to standard set of covers with a bit of a personal touch.

Apart from choosing the specific type of covers you want, you also need to choose the material you want for your auto seat covers. Some of the most common materials used to make covers are poly-cotton material, sheepskin and UV protected sheets. Poly-cotton is the most popular material for car seats and offers a soft touch while protecting your seats from being damaged by harsh elements. Sheepskin covers are good for cold areas because they have temperature regulating properties. UV protected sheets provide extra protection for your seats against color-fading ultraviolet rays from the sun.