Is Motorcross the Most Physically Demanding Sport?

Motorcross is often considered one of the most entertaining sports to take part in and to watch from the sidelines. With the fan community growing exponentially within the past few years, many are begging the question as to whether motocross is one of the most physically demanding sport currently on the market. Some question this claim, asking themselves whether riding on a dirt bike or motorcycle can actually be as demanding as any other physical contact sport, though. Unfortunately, many people don’t consider these individuals who spend their time riding to be “great athletes,” despite them being some of the best-conditioned individuals in the entire world. Continue reading “Is Motorcross the Most Physically Demanding Sport?”

How Much Are Motorcycles?

Motorcycles include everything from small dirt bikes up to fully-dressed touring rigs. Purchased new, they can range from less than two thousand to over $200,000 dollars.

It’s a varied sport. There are bikes to address the needs of almost every sort of riding, and almost every size and age of rider.

Let’s look at the major types of motorcycles and get an idea of the price range of each. We’ll focus only street-legal, gas-powered (not electric) bikes available for sale new, today: Continue reading “How Much Are Motorcycles?”

Ferrari New Model- 2017 488 Spider

Ferrari has produced some of the most legendary sports cars ever created. Unsurprisingly, the 2017 Ferrari 488 Spider remains one of the hottest rides on the market. Its iconic styling and mind-blowing performance will impress any car enthusiast. When dropping the 488 Spider’s convertible top, it becomes an even more thrilling automobile. The engine’s addictive sound will cause everyone to take notice.

Lightning-Quick Performance

Under the hood of the new 488 Spider sits a potent 3.9-liter, V-8 engine. Twin turbochargers help the high-revving engine to produce 661 horsepower and 561 pound-feet of torque. A dual-clutch automatic transmission optimizes the car’s performance capabilities. When launched from a dead stop, expect the 488 Spider to hit 60 mph in roughly 2.9 seconds. Meanwhile, the car’s top speed surpasses 200 mph. Continue reading “Ferrari New Model- 2017 488 Spider”

Which Bike is the Best Cruiser Motorcycle?

Deciding which bike is the best cruiser motorcycle on the market is a tough job. While there have certainly been some lemons throughout motorcycle history, once you’ve narrowed down a list to only quality bikes it can be hard to sort them. Each cruiser has it’s own set of advantages. One bike certainly doesn’t fit all. That’s why it’s most useful to look at each one individually. There’s no reason a biker can’t admire a number of different attractive motorcycles.

Honda Shadow

Honda produces two different cruisers under the Shadow name, and they’re both two of the better bikes in their class. The Shadow Spirit is among the smallest cruisers in the category today. Inexperienced bikers love it for the fact that it handles so well. Those who are a little more seasoned love the fact that it can stop on a dime. Continue reading “Which Bike is the Best Cruiser Motorcycle?”

Get your Geek on with OBD2 Reading on a Tablet or iPhone

Enjoy tooling around with your car and better understanding its diagnostics?  Or better yet, are you not really a car guy but more of tech geek who’d like an excuse to connect his/her smart phone to your car or truck’s internal workings?  There are several options for doing this.

iTSX Wireless Vehicle Programmers by SCT allow you to read and clear your  DTC codes through your iPhone or iPad.  Need a more custom solution?  You can also get an OBD2 reader for about $20, download the Torque Pro app for your andoid phone or tablet and connect them.