Why Use BMW OEM Parts?

It will probably not be necessary to lecture the owner of a BMW vehicle on the importance of automobile quality as this is the person who is driving it each day. This is a remarkable automobile brand crafted by some of the top automakers in the industry today. When it comes time for any sort of repair work or maintenance that requires the use of parts, it is always going to be best that you go with BMW OEM parts.

OEM Parts Are Of Higher Quality

The OEM, original equipment manufacturer, parts from BMW are made with the same high expectations and specifications of your BMW vehicle. The alternative you have it so buy your parts in the aftermarket, which are parts that may come from any vehicle just in an identical category. While these aftermarket parts are going to be much less expensive than their OEM counterparts, the quality is never going to be guaranteed. Continue reading “Why Use BMW OEM Parts?”

Who Makes BMW Cars?

What is BMW?

BMW, also known as Bayerische Moteren Werke AG, is a German company that makes far more than you might think. Of course, the company is responsible for manufacturing cars under the BMW label, and they also produce prestigious luxury cars and family friendly vehicles as the parent company of Rolls-Royce and Mini, respectively.

The company’s name translates to Bavarian Motor Works, which makes sense given that their headquarters in Munich are located in the Bavaria region of Germany. The first company that bore BMW’s name was initially an aircraft engine manufacturer in World War I called Rapp Moterenwerke, which changed its name to BMW in 1916. Competitor Bayerische Flugzeigwerke, whose name translates to Bavarian Airplane Works, purchased BMW in 1918, and the company chugged along fine, doing especially well with motorcycles, until 1928. Continue reading “Who Makes BMW Cars?”