Harley Davidson

Harley-Davidson.com is one of the best online motorbike stores in the world. The company has been able to create a community of enthusiasts around its brand, which includes members from diverse regions. The achievement exists because the company gives its fans a sense of belonging. Harley offers traditional techniques and the best, most refined 1940’s technology around. High-tech motorcycling enthusiasts have decided on the approach marked by ample bulk, twin cylinders, and a throaty growl.

It is clear that Harley-Davidson came back from a near-death experience to reach its current state. It is a story of brand enhancement and marketing that can apply as much to furniture and tools as to motorcycles. In a broad sense, the revival comes from a hard-eyed comparison of the competitor’s strengths (in particular, the ability to quickly create new products packed with high-tech innovations) with its own (a unique tradition and a powerful mystique). The brand clearly defined a marketing plan to capitalize on the company goal of finding a special place in American pop culture. It included its retro look. The goal was achieved by finding new ways to reach out to three core constituencies: dealers, employees, and customers. Harley managers directed a lingering loyalty for their products into a revived passion. The move was significant to the level of attracting various categories of buyers.

The vice president for Harley Davidson concluded that the company was to turn left when others turn right. The motorbike may seem like a “granddad bike” to some people, but as much as it will not win you Superbike races, it is widely considered as “The King of the Road.” Its presence while moving on the road is precisely known when heard. Also, the Harley-Davidson bikes outlive most of the other motorcycle brands regarding mileage. The engine is pretty powerful as well!


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