Motorcross is often considered one of the most entertaining sports to take part in and to watch from the sidelines. With the fan community growing exponentially within the past few years, many are begging the question as to whether motocross is one of the most physically demanding sport currently on the market. Some question this claim, asking themselves whether riding on a dirt bike or motorcycle can actually be as demanding as any other physical contact sport, though. Unfortunately, many people don’t consider these individuals who spend their time riding to be “great athletes,” despite them being some of the best-conditioned individuals in the entire world.

Back during a 9180 study conducted by the National Sports Health Institute of Englewood, California, athletes in numerous categories were tested for various levels of physical condition. Back then, motocross riders were capable of scoring higher than even those participating in American football or basketball. Overall, motocross riders were only second to the soccer players in terms of physical condition.

Recent studies on the matter have yielded incredibly similar results, too. Sources of such studies include medical schools from the University of Florida and at the University of Pittsburgh. On any given day, a motocross rider must participate in qualifying races to take part in real races, known as a “moto.” A typical moto will last around 40 minutes, and there are usually numerous. The rider is forced to retain total control over their bike, which weighs around 200 pounds or more, while maintaining their top speed, fighting for the top position, and remaining safe throughout the entire race. Fans generally only see the top speed and the thrill, but not the strain, injuries, or hard work that every racer endures during and beforehand.

Former motocross star Brad Lackey was one such individual who took part in a study for the National Sports Health Institute. Lackey recalled how motocross riders were in some of the best shape possible for their races. He claimed these racers would usually have a body fat ratio of less than ten percent. Riders were not known for being particularly muscular, but they were “sculpted” like a gymnast and noted for having strong legs and arms. Lackey said the body did not show how good physically most riders were.

Most riders seem like the relaxed, laid back type of individual most people would want to spend some time with, drinking a couple of beers and having a good burger and fries somewhere. However, most motocross riders actually adhere to a v

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