OEM vs Aftermarket Exhausts Mufflers

A lot of people like to improve their cars after purchasing them. Upgrading a pickup truck with new shock absorbers or adding a different exhaust system are popular changes. The exhaust system that the original equipment manufacturer attaches to a vehicle is often focused on reducing environmental pollution. Government regulation requires that the exhaust of vehicles be filtered so it does not produce harmful chemicals excessively. Chemicals that really hurt the environment include carbon monoxide, ozone, and nitrogen oxides. These chemicals can cause humans to have trouble breathing and working safely. How the exhaust system of a vehicle is designed determines how many pollutants are released into the atmosphere. Magnaflow makes different types of exhaust systems to fit the needs of their customers.

Aftermarket Exhaust System

An exhaust system serves several purposes. One is to keep the atmosphere safe to breathe. Another is to increase the performance of the engine. That is why an aftermarket engine exhaust system like Magnaflow is a great addition to a vehicle. Magnaflow is an exhaust company that offers exhaust systems for many different types of vehicles. Different exhaust parts that Magnaflow sells includes mufflers, pipes, and multi-outlet exhaust tubes. Having an aftermarket exhaust system can change the sound of a vehicle. If a vehicle has a small engine, altering the exhaust system can increase the sound that the vehicle makes. Magnaflow representatives estimate that adding one of the company’s systems to your car can help horsepower increase by up to 10%. If a Honda Civic naturally puts out 158 hp, then adding a Magnaflow exhaust system will make it put out about 174 hp, with the same engine. Acceleration will improve, and so will the general suitability of the car for racing.

Car Throttle encourages thinking about how an exhaust system will add to the efficiency of the vehicle. Just adding an exhaust system for making it sportier might neglect the environmental pollution that a heavily changed exhaust pipe might cause.

Environmental Cautions

When taking your modified vehicle to the emissions test center it is important that the change in the exhaust is understood. Many states have laws that make certain types of exhaust systems questionable to add to a vehicle. A diesel pickup truck modified with big engine pipes might not pass its emissions test at the center. This could result in fines. The company encourages customers to understand how an upgrade will change their ride after installation.

There are several ways to order an exhaust system from Magnaflow. One of the best is to go shopping at a dealer like Amazon. By ordering through an online retailer, the shipping and distribution are quicker for the customer. Magnaflow encourages ordering through a dealer. Amazon has a lot of Magnaflow products on their website. Some of them currently include a performance exhaust system, muffler, and exhaust tip. If you would like to learn more about Magnaflow as a company, you can call at 1.800.824.8664. A sales representative can help you decide what product will be suitable for your vehicle.

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