Who Makes BMW Cars?

What is BMW?

BMW, also known as Bayerische Moteren Werke AG, is a German company that makes far more than you might think. Of course, the company is responsible for manufacturing cars under the BMW label, and they also produce prestigious luxury cars and family friendly vehicles as the parent company of Rolls-Royce and Mini, respectively.

The company’s name translates to Bavarian Motor Works, which makes sense given that their headquarters in Munich are located in the Bavaria region of Germany. The first company that bore BMW’s name was initially an aircraft engine manufacturer in World War I called Rapp Moterenwerke, which changed its name to BMW in 1916. Competitor Bayerische Flugzeigwerke, whose name translates to Bavarian Airplane Works, purchased BMW in 1918, and the company chugged along fine, doing especially well with motorcycles, until 1928. Continue reading “Who Makes BMW Cars?”

Maserati’s New Lineup

As it glides along the highway, a sleek sedan turns heads, its trident emblem gleaming on the front grill. It can only be a Maserati. The elegant Italian car is an icon in the world of fast, beautiful, high-performance automobiles.
The Maserati company was founded a century ago in Bologna, Italy, when Alfieri Maserati and his brothers started building race cars. When the company’s focus shifted to passenger vehicles, Maserati added luxury to its well-established reputation for speed. Today, that combination is found in all Maserati models.

Every Maserati offers superb engineering and gorgeous Italian styling, plus the latest safety features and high-tech driver controls. The distinctive Maserati interior surrounds drivers and passengers in ultimate comfort. Yet each model has its own unique flavor. Continue reading “Maserati’s New Lineup”